September 21, 2016

In The Company Of Barn Swallows

When my wife, Woody and I bought our farm, we didn't really grasp the relationships with nature that we would develop or the increased respect for the natural processes that would help us establish a [...]

August 25, 2016

Support Your Local Dung Beetles

SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL DUNG BEETLES How Dung Beetles Help Support Pasture Ecosystems and Help Control Flies and Internal Parasites Some of the warm weather problems that farmers and ranchers face include the control of flies [...]

Our first winter severe cold weather

As new alpaca people, we are compiling a long list of firsts. This 'first' is a brutal attack of extreme cold with snow and the challenge of protecting our herd from that cold. Alpacas are [...]

The Herd Moves In!

The first step in bringing Two Crows Farm to legitimacy was getting the herd actually on property.  Like many new Alpaca farmers, we agisted or boarded our purchased animals with mentor-farms untill we could prepare [...]

Let’s Talk About Flies

Spring time plus livestock equals flies. This is the first spring that we have had our alpacas here on the farm. We KNOW what is about to happen because we have seen the flies at [...]

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